Artists Do Not Jump without a Safety Net,
Why is Your Internet?

Setup a Safety Net for your Network

Make it like the artists and span a safety net in addition to your Internet connection. Protect your business or organization from a likely Internet failure. Keep in mind that an internet connection with a guaranteed uptime of 99% can still be lost almost 4 days a year without you claiming damages. The biggest disaster would be a continuous failure of 4 days. For many companies, which are not producible without Internet, this situation will cause a non quantifiable damage.
Particularly chain stores, production companies, just in time, logistics or financial institutions are particularly dependent on the Internet. No one will replace your costs, even if it is only an hour. Just calculate the potential damage and risk for your business in case of an Internet Blackout. We proof  that the cost of a whole year backup internet is less than an hour of Internet outage.

Which Backup continuity line provides Satellite Telecom

Your company is dependent on an always available Internet connection? Are you sure your provider can guarantee 100%? No excavator, power failure, storm or sabotage interferes with your work? It is so easy to protect yourself against the risk of your company’s standstill with backup continuity. With the satellite backup continuity service from Satellite-Telecom, you are always connected to the Internet. With your existing router hardware, you can switch seamlessly to the satinternet connection in an emergency. Our backup service plan will then be immediately upgraded to full capacity and data volume as required. So you do not lose valuable time. The Internet connection can be customized according to your needs and redundancy requirements.

The Backup continuity service

  • Low-cost basic tariff
  • Can be activated immediately at full power and data rate
  • Easy installation of the system
  • High quality antenna and modem for 24/7 operation
  • Expandable with autonomous power supply
  • Watchdog extension with automatic upgrade to full capacity
  • Higher redundancy through additional third-party connections
  • bonding of multiple connections