Internet  SAT Systems for
first responders, disaster recovery and NGOs

Satellite based continuity SAT systems for organizations to set up communication and data connections for disaster relief and emergencies

WADEC™ – Wide Area Disaster & Emergency Communication

Hurricane Katrina, Erdbeben in Nepal, Ebola in Afrika, L’Aquila oder Ägäis

All these events have one thing in common. Without satellite communication fast help would not have been possible.
Humanitarian operations and disaster relief are places where SATCOM has substantially enabled the work of the auxiliary staff.

Satellite Telecom Austria offers the products which will best fit to your mission to a disaster site or for emergency communication. Communication is mission critical. Even the best help does not help, if no one knows where to help.

Weltweiter Datenzugriff

Greifen Sie auf interne und lokale Daten zu


IP Telephonie für interne weltweite Kommunikation zum Ortstarif

Uplink Everywhere

Professionelles Fly Away Equipment für weltweiten Einsatz ohne terrestrische Ressourcen

24/7 First Responder

Profitieren Sie von unserem 24/7 First Responder Service

Disasters and emergencies can not be planned ahead and do not allow even a brief or no preparatory phase. This is the reason why functional communication infrastructures play a decisive role in disaster relief. Many disaster scenarios result in the destruction of terrestrial communication or blackouts. Other disaster sites are located in undeveloped or remote areas where no terrestrial connection is to be expected. Often local radio connections fail or are not possible due to the geographical situation.
The advantages of SATCOM is characterized by extremely fast connection generation, high uptime rate and data throughput, independent of local energy sources and infrastructures.

Satellite-Telecom Austria supports aid organizations with the world-wide networks of iridium and Inmarsat. For voice communication, small handheld devices are available in industrial quality. Connect the teams out in the field with fast mobile terminals for mail and data exchange.

Globalstar supports Disaster Tech Lab in Greece

Incidents in the past 10 years show that almost exclusively through the use of SATCOM units the connection between the forces of operations and organization lines. Hurricane Katrina, earthquakes in Nepal, Ebola in Africa, and many other humanitarian operations are places where SATCOM has made the work of the staff much easier.

We will provide you with the best possible SATCOM system depending on the area of application, the type of deployment, available resources on site, personnel, data and voice requirements. The Satellite-Telecom Austria First Responder service also offers reaction times of less than 24h depending on the application.


Mieten Sie bei uns das Thuraya XT PRO DUAL zu günstigen Preisen

Iridium extreme

iridium 9575 extreme for the harshest environments

iSATphone 2

Globalstar SatFi

Inmarsat Explorer 510

tooway KA mobil