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The fastest network of Eutelsat with 22 Mbit download and 6 MBit upload ensures optimal satellite Internet coverage of Austria, Germany, Hungary and Slovakia, Slovenia.

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Broadcast und SNG Sat-internet-Coverage

The Eutelsat Newsspotter gives you the moste powerful connectivity for the requirements of DSNG live video transmissions. Travel with your SNG vehicle in the entire coverage area, and instantly connect with your dedicated bandwidth.
Ask us about data rates and volumes and service plans. You can book the Eutelsat Newsspotter products with us.


Now available! Book your Data and VoIP connections in Africa. Even in the remotest corners of the African continent you do not have to do give up on fast Internet. Connect your on-field teams directly to the headquarters in Europe. Fast Internet with up to 10.5 Mbps / 1 Mbps.

NEW AFRICA SAT by Satellite-Telecom

NEW AFRICA SAT by Satellite-Telecom


Africa Internet für First Responder, NGOs und Broadcast

Use Internet access on volume or time basis. On the satellite connectivity, we can provide capacities of up to 100 bits. Smaller packages start at 512Kbps

EUROPA Traveler

In the KU network of ASTRA2connect you can surf the Internet for best pricing all over Europe.

The KU network delivers 10 MBit download and 256 kBit upload and is the ideal companion for traveling across Europe. Stop, bowl out and go.

At Satellite-Telecom Austria you have the best internet service with ASTRA on your travels through Europe with the autodirect antennas from Crystop KU.
With this antenna system the simultaneous reception of TV is possible. You can also save expensive roaming costs with an IP telephone number and  you can make a call home from everywhere in Europe.

At Satellite-Telecom Austria, we also look after the installation of the Crystop antenna system in your mobile home, caravan or bus.

Astra2 Connect - Europe Traveler

Crystop KU Automatic