SOS and SAT-Tracking Services by Satellite Telecom

Track your Journey Online and Call for SOS in a Case of Emergency

Best Price – Tracking without limits

The service plan for all year around

The only One with world wide  SAT-tracking Coverage

For everyone who wants to explore the highest mountains, the wildest sea or the poles

SAT-tracking im Netz von Globalstar
SAT-tracking im Netz von Iridium Abdeckung
Mit dem findmespot Gen3 sicher unterwegs

Find me Spot SAT-tracking

The “Little One” with “Big Features”

Base price: from € 164 / year Tracking and SOS
Basic tracking
Send help message
send individual message
SOS messaging to GEOS world wide rescue service
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YB Tracking im Iridium Netz email senden und empfangen mit SOS Notfall

YB3 SAT-tracking und SOS

Tracking, SOS und Mail

Network access: from 8 GBP / mo.In the network of iridium from pole to pole
3D tracking (position, height, speed)
SOS Emergency Button
Mail messaging
Position message from 6 cent
Live tracking on Google Maps

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Mit YB Tracking im Iridium Netz on the road und maritim

YB3 SAT-tracking und SOS
for maritme and vehicle

Tracking, SOS und Mail

Network access: from 8 GBP / mo.In the network of iridium from pole to pole
3D tracking (position, height, speed)
SOS Emergency Button
Mail messaging
Position message from 6 cent
Live tracking on Google Maps
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SAT tracking, SOS satellite emergency call,
Find me Spot by Satellite Telecom

Whether you are looking for an adventure far away or at home in the Austrian mountains, you can always rely on the satellite tracking devices from satellite-telecom even far away from the terrestric communication networks. We keep you in touch with your family and friends from everywhere in the world. Call them at any time, or get help in case of an emergency. And all this works reliably even where mobile phones have long ceased to be online!

Take some time and ask us about  the  satellite communication solutions which fits best to your needs. As your experienced satellite internet provider, we are here to help and answer your questions at any time and we will gladly advise you personally which offer best suits your requirements.

Simply call us at (0043) 660 711 7777 or write an e-mail to We look forward to your inquiry!

The spot GEN3

Whether you are looking for the adventure anywhere in the world or close to home, you can conquer the air or you need to work alone and away from conventional communication networks – your family, friends or employers are always up to date and know you are  well and in case you need help.If you want  your position can be tracked live online on find me spot using Google Maps ®.

And should there be an emergency call for help using the SPOT Messenger SOS button. The GEOS  rescue services get your current location and organize local help completly independent from terrestrial mobile phone networks.


The Globalstar simplex network

SPOT works worldwide, almost in the entire continental USA, Canada, Mexico, Europe, Australia, parts of South America, parts of North and South Africa, North East Asia and hundreds of miles off the shores of these regions. In Russia, the GPS accuracy of your SPOT is restricted (reduced) according to the provisions of the SPOT. These provisions provide for a restriction of GPS accuracy for equipment used in Russia.

Lookup Points of Interest
Hanging out at the Grand Canyon? Climbing to the top of Mount Rainier? Now you can find it easier and make your mark on the map with Points of Interest search in SPOT Adventures.

Be More Social
Share, tweet, and update your favorite social networks. Like on Twitter, they can follow other SPOT users. Every adventure has an area for tips, so you can share your experiences with others.

Photos & Videos
It’s easier than ever to import videos and photos from flickr, Picasa and Facebook.

Simple Userinterface
With larger buttons and easier navigation. Using tips and tools for creating adventures. Easy search of the adventure.

The YB3 and YB3i Blog

Share your adventure with your friends at home. It comes free with any YB, and it’s like a small custom site and shows your route, current location and optional blog articles that you add to your trip. On the blog you also save your adventures to which you can always return.
In the blog each page has its own web address, so anyone can visit the site that you make public. You can also embed this map view into your own website.
It is possible to protect the blog with a password so that only certain people can access your YBlog. It is also possible to save several setup “events” to save your trips individually.

Key Features SAT-tracking and SOS

  • Free with all our single YB3 or YB3i devices
  • Displays your current position and tracking points
  • Click on the dots to get the lat / lon position, height, etc.
  • Design your own website with logo and details
  • Use your own blog URL or embed the YBlog into an existing website
  • Add blog articles, either through the Web (or through your YB device *)
  • Include pictures in your blog articles through the website* Requires YB “standard” models and higher.

Who likes and uses the  YBlog?

  • adventurer
  • Sailors
  • Expeditions and research companies
  • World Record Breakers
  • Shipping companies
  • Lone Workers
  • And many more …!
Bundle per Credit Bundle Price
50 Credits £0.12 £6.00
100 Credits £0.11 £11.00
200 Credits £0.10 £20.00
500 Credits £0.09 £45.00
1000 Credits £0.08 £80.00
2000 Credits £0.07 £140.00
5000 Credits £0.06 £300.00
10000 Credits £0.05 £500.00
20000 Credits £0.04 £800.00