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satellite-telecom Rental Services

satphone rental & Satinternet rental

Satellite Telecom rental services

satphone rental, satellite internet and tracking at the experts in Austria.
Wherever your journey or mission takes you, one of the networks of Thuraya, Inmarsat, Iridium or Globalstar is available worldwide.
Make calls or use the Internet via satellite in the networks BGAN, Eutelsat, tooway-business, THOR 7 and others according to requirements and required bandwidth.
The satellite internet connections are available as stationary and mobile systems.

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Mieten Sie bei uns das Thuraya XT PRO zu günstigen Preisen
iridium 9575 extreme for the harshest environments
Miete Sie das Inmarsat isat phone 2 bei satellite telecom
Mieten Sie den isathub bei satellite telecom
Mieten Sie den Thuraya IP+ Satinternetdataterminal günstig
Mit dem findmespot Gen3 sicher unterwegs

Findmespot GEN3

Rent the GEN 3 here

basic package
Motion activated tracking every 10min,
SOS, help, check / OK, individual message,
spot adventure

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Click here and compare the airtime prices in the different networks

Model7 days14 days21 days31 daysSOSemailDataspeedactive/StandbyNotecoverage
Thuraya SG-2520 BusinessBook the phone here€50€90€109€120--2,5/40hTriband GSM, SAT switchableEU/AF/AS/AUS/NZ
Thuraya XT-Lite - Nice PriceBook the phone here€50€90€109€120--6/80hEU/AF/AS/AUS/NZ
Thuraya XT - BestsellerBook the phone here€55€100€130€145YES60/15kbits6/80hEU/AF/AS/AUS/NZ
Thuraya XT PRO - BestsellerBook the phone here€65€110€140€155YESYES60/15kbits11/100hQuadband GSM/Dual Sat/GSMEU/AF/AS/AUS/NZ
Thuraya XT PRO Dual - BestsellerBook the phone here€78€144€204€258YESYES60/15kbits11/100hQuadband GSM/Dual Sat/GSMEU/AF/AS/AUS/NZ
Thuraya Satsleeve+Book the phone here€60€110€139€159YESYES60/15kbits3/9/70hWIFI on/WIFI off Great for maritime use: gribfiles, mail, text browser, phone see below maritime kitEU/AF/AS/AUS/NZ
iSAT phone PRO - Nice PriceBook the phone here€50€90€109€120-Text2mail20kbits8/100hworldwide no pole coverage
incl. Maritim
iSAT phone 2 - BestsellerBook the phone here€60€110€139€159JaText2mail-8/160hworldwide no pole coverage
incl. Maritim
Iridium Extreme 9575Book the phone here€65€110€149€200JaText2mail2.4 kbits4/30hworldwide inclusive. pole coverage
incl. Maritim
Iridium Extreme 9575 PTTBook the phone here€450JaText2mail2.4 kbits4/30h PTT Push to Talk Worldwide in the team and talk to other PTT,
Please send request
worldwide inclusive. pole coverage
incl. Maritim
Globalstar GSP-1700€50€90€109€120--9,6 kbits4/36hgünstige HomezoneEU/N-AF/AS/AUS/NZ/USA
Thuraya IP Datenterminal€75€155€220€290Full http404/202 kBit/s1h full tx/rx/30h1.4kg/ AkkuEU/AF/AS/AUS/NZ
Thuraya IP+ Terminal - Bestseller
Hier den Terminal mieten
€85€165€240€310Full http444/444 kbit/s1h full tx/rx/30h1.3kg/ AkkuEU/AF/AS/AUS/NZ
Inmarsat BGAN iSAVI - Bestseller
Hier den Terminal mieten
€50€100€147€217Full http384/240 kBit/s2,5/24h0.9kg/ Akkuworldwide no pole coverage
incl. Maritim
Inmarsat BGAN Hughes 9201€90€175€250€330Full http492/492 kBit/s4-6h full tx/rx/36h2.8kg/ Akkuworldwide no pole coverage
incl. Maritim
Satcom on the Move
Autodirect für Land und Maritim
Thuraya Satsleeve+ Maritim Kit€70€125€159€189YESYES60/15kbits3/9/70hWIFI on/WIFI off
bestens für maritime Verwendung: gribfiles, mail, text browser, satsleeve+ mit Smartphone und Antenne
Thuraya IP Voyager Land Book the terminal here€280€510€680€850Full http444/444 kbit/s12/24Vmagnetical mount antennaEU/AF/AS/AUS/NZ
Thuraya IP Commander Land- Book the terminal here€500€890€1190€1490Full http444/444 kbit/s12/24Vfor extreme applications, magnet mount, MIL gradeEU/AF/AS/AUS/NZ
Thuraya IP Commander Maritim- Book the terminal here€630€1130€1500€1890Full http444/444 kbit/s12/24VOn deck unit, MIL gradeEU/AF/AS/AUS/NZ
Iridium Certus HIgh Bandwidth Data und Voice Book the terminal here€630€1130€1500€1890Full http352/352 kbit/s12VOn deck unit, MIL gradeworldwide inclusive. pole coverage
incl. Maritim
Find me Spot - BestsellerBook the tracker here€35€60€90€110YESYESno extra fee, GEOS inclusive, SAR up to 50.000 USDworldwide no pole coverage
on land masses
YB3 Sattracker und Text messagingBook the YB3 here€60€110€139€159YESYES€0.23 per position or txt message (50 characters)
Bluetooth app control
worldwide inclusive. pole coverage
incl. Maritim
YB3i für KFZ und Maritim Book the YB3i here€60€110€139€159YESYES€0.23 per position or txt message (50 characters)
car mounting
Bluetooth app control
worldwide inclusive. pole coverage
incl. Maritim
Terradek Vidiu€80€150€210€270HDMI; 5.2 Mbit/s ; 1080i60/p30
rtmp; WIFI; USB/ 3G/4G
DJI Osmo+€80€150€210€270
Solarpanel 7WBook the panel here€12€19€26€31inkl. Powerpack
Solarpanel 13W Book the panel here€17€25€34€39inkl. Powerpack
alle Preise inkl. 20% MWSt
für längere Mietzeiträume anklickenFehler und Irrtümer vorbehalten* maritime in calm waters and best on ships, no autodirect antenna

Inmarsat BGAN Hughes 9201

Rent the Hughes 9201 here

Rent the YB3 here

Mobile handheld device or external device for 4×4 and other cars or maritime
worldwide coverage from pole to pole in the Iridium network

SOS, DUPLEX communication (send and receive text mail), 3D tracking
Live tracking on google maps

Globalstar  GSP-1700

Rent the Globalstar GSP-1700 here

satellite telecom satellite dish tripods

to rent business event equipment

SATELLITE-TELECOM Austria SAT Internet 100 cm PRO 30/6 MBit
Weekly rent € 249
SATELLITE-TELECOM Austria SAT Internet 100 cm PRO 30/6 MBit
Monthly rent € 649
In the tooway business Sat Internet rental are included:
Up to 30 Mbps for download
Up to 6 Mbps for upload
Weekly Inclusive Volume: 10 GB (80% for download – 20% for upload)
additional data volume per started GB € 6

Routers and WIFI network components on request
excl. shipping

Crystop Autodirect System (Fly Away or Drive Away)

SATELLITE-TELECOM Austria SAT AUTODIRECT * (self-aligning) Internet weekly rent € 299
SATELLITE-TELECOM Austria SAT AUTODIRECT * (self-aligning) internet monthly rent € 799
Manual system for manual alignment

SATELLITE-TELECOM Austria SAT PORTABLE (manual orientation) Internet weekly rent € 39
SATELLITE-TELECOM Austria SAT PORTABLE (manual orientation) internet monthly rent € 99
In the Sat Internet rent are included:
Up to 10 Mbps for download
Up to 256 kbit / s for upload
Weekly Inclusive Volume: 1 GB (80% for download – 20% for upload)
additional data volume per started GB € 19



Airtimeprices /minon-netto landto mobileto Thurayato Iridiumto Globalstarto Inmarsatper MB Standard IP
Thuraya NOVA on-net€1.17€1.38€1.38x€11.18€11.18€11.18€6.9
Thuraya Standard worldwide€1.37€2.06€2.06x€11.04€11.04€11.04€6.9
Inmarsat isat phone€1.43€1.43€1.43€5.50€12.10€8.80x-
Inmarsat iSAVI€1.56€1.56€1.56€9.75€21.45€15.60x€7.80
Inmarsat BGAN€0.87€0.87€1.04€4.35€9.56€6.95x€8.69
Inmarsat BGAN Africa, China€0.87€0.87€1.04€4.35€9.56€6.95x€5.214
Inmarsat BGAN S-America€0.87€0.87€1.04€4.35€9.56€6.95x€3.476
Iridium€0.90€1.80€1.80€16.20x€16.20€16.20€1.80/min data
Globalstar Home Zone€0.99€0.99€0.99€6.90€6.90x€6.90€0.99/min data
all prices incl. 20% VAT, differences possible

Summer time is travel time. Save on expensive roaming charges and use a satellite phone outside of Europe. Roaming charges from Zone 2 are usually more expensive than Satelefonminutenkosten. Rent a satellite phone in Austria and travel with it in the whole world and are also reachable in the furthest corner of the earth and can get help in an emergency.

All prices include 20% VAT. Errors and changes reserved.
Rent Satellite Phones Satfon, Tracking and Data Terminals at Satellite Telecom.
Cheap conditions for satellite phones and per minute rates.
For rental costs Free shipping in Austria included.
Express delivery within Vienna and train courier throughout Austria. Pick up your phone in Vienna, Neunkirchen, Graz and Innsbruck.

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